How Patrick Generated $76,000 In 30 Days With Kyroc


Pittsburgh Spray was sending a lot of paid traffic to their website. And like most cold traffic, not all of it converts straight away… However, they were still spending ALOT on PPC. Furthermore, they were turning over high 6 figures each month but they were still using the Shopify abandoned cart flow. They were losing out on a lot of revenue because they had no email popup or an effective abandoned cart flow.



Results & Strategy

We created a pop up that stood out to their ideal customers and welcome series that educated and connected with their audience. Just from the welcome series alone, they were able to generate $44,000. We also created an abandoned cart flow that segmented people based on their order and gave different discounts for different collections to maximise profit and conversions. As Pittsburgh was a B2B company, we also leveraged the use of their sales team. Whenever the value of the order was over a certain amount, we pitched a “free consultation call with an expert.” This allowed us to drive marketing qualified leads to the sales team to close. All in all, Pittsburgh went from generating hardly any revenue from email to generating 11% of their revenue from email in just 30 days.

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