We HYPERSCALE Your eCommerce Brand Using TikTok & Email Marketing.

Kyroc uses the power of Tik Tok and email marketing to scale you to millions in annual sales. 


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By Using The Power of Tik Tok & Email Marketing...

We’re Perfect If You Want To…

Spend less on marketing...

so you reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) and stop relying on unreliable Facebook or Instagram Ads!

Boost revenue figures...

so you’re not pumping thousands into ad spend without earning the funds you need to expand your operations.

Show your products to new audiences...

Tik Tok Ads is a blue ocean right now. There are tons of new and ideal customers who are waiting to see your products.  

Improve retention rates...

so you build trust with your audience, encourage regular purchases and see a strong lifetime value (LTV) from customers!
By partnering with us, we’ll turn your business to become a "MONEY MAKING MACHINE" (seriously - we’re not kidding!)

Running the marketing side of your business can take up alot of time...

But we’re here to take the weight off your shoulders. It’s our job to some of the work of your plate so you can focus on other aspects to really take your brand to the next level...
If you’re answering ‘Yes!’ to any of THESE questions, we might be right for you...
Are you tired of advertising on facebook and google?

And you’ve noticed rising costs and decreasing profits....

Are your ad accounts getting banned or restricted?

And you can't get them back...

Are you struggling to build trust or a real connection with your customers?

But the way to encourage repeat purchases is with tools you don’t have access to…

Is it stressing you out when you think about revenue targets or profit figures?

And you get frustrated if you fail to reach the goals you set when you started…

Tik Tok is a blue ocean right now. If you're not advertising on Tik Tok to get customers you're leaving some serious cash on the table.

Right now, there’s a once every decade oppurtunity right now. There’s a new social media platform on the rise. And this can drastically change the growth of your business. This can be the difference between your store going out of business and truly thriving. 

It’s Tik Tok. Why do we say this? Why we have literally changed the positioning of our agency to focus whole heartedly on Tik Tok Ads to get our clients the best results.

Are you seeing rising costs with facebook, instagram and google ads? Are you noticing random ad account bans? Are you seeing IOS 14 completely change the results you usually get on facebook and instagram? 

It’s because these advertising platforms are outdated. Tik Tok is the new kid on the block. With cheaper costs, more relaxed policies and a clear support system, there’s a huge advantage to advertise on Tik Tok right now. And you have to be stupid to pass this up… 

On top of this even organic content is getting pushed like crazy which means you can get qualified trafffic to your website for pennies. This is why we’re using it as our sole traffic source of choice.  

But isn't Tik Tok for kids?

This is a question we get alot... No - there's 1 billion monthly active users on Tik Tok. That's 13% of the world population. Everyone is getting on Tik Tok. Furthermore, the 20-49 age bracket is one of the fastest growing demographic on Tik Tok.

Here’s how we can help…

Powerful Automations
Influential Campaigns
A/B Testing
Popups That Convert
High Deliverability
List Segmentation

At Kyroc, We Manage Your Business In a Way That Bridges The Gap Between Where You Are & Where You Want To Be!

Our Values Set Us Apart From Other Providers...
we work on a
pure performance basis

We work on a pure commission basis which means we only make money when you make money. This makes us hungry for your store’s growth.

guaranteed sales
Or your money back

With everyone and their grandma running a marketing agency now, it’s very difficult to see who’s actually good at what they do. We put our money where our mouth is. If you don’t see an agreed amount number of sales when you first work with us. We’ll refund you all the money you have paid us + $100 from our own pocket. 


We’re a results-driven organisation. And our main goal is to provide exceptional results to our clients so they can achieve their goals. And the proof’s in our work… That’s why we show live dashboards of our results on every single consultation call. Not easy to fake screenshots. Live no BS results. This way you know who you’re dealing with before we work together. 

we have
30+ Video testimonials...

We have a 30+ eCommerce brand owners verifying the amazing results we have been able to get them. 

That’s Why We’re Trusted By Ambitious Companies Everywhere..

Jenifer & Christopher Nwalor
Managing Partners | Herbal Vineyards | herbalvineyards.com

Jason VanDevere
CEO | Goal Crazy Planner | goalcrazyplanners.com

Saam Rahim
CEO | Better Body | betterbodyequipped.com

Matteo Bardini
CEO | Eyeshield | eyeshieldfrance.com

Noah Wondimu
CEO | Novelty | yournovelty.com

There’s Never Been a Better Time To Grow Your Business… So Maybe
It’s Time To Consider Tik Tok & Email Marketing As The Solution!

When it comes to your financial success, Kyroc has your back. And we get a real kick out of helping companies, just like yours, improve their marketing results.

So... If you’re ready to see where our strategies can take you…

And finally build a big, beautiful business you can be proud of...

Let’s get started!